Retreat Root Canals

Retreat Root Canals

A retreatment of root canal may be necessary if a previously root canal treated tooth fails to heal or if a recurrent infection is evident.


  • The root canal retreatment procedure is similar to the root canal treatment procedure but has a few extra steps. The visit consists of removal of all root canal filling materials and placement of an antibacterial paste called calcium hydroxide. The tooth is then closed with a temporary filling material. This antibiotic medicament is left in the tooth for some time to reduce the number of bacteria and give the tooth the best chances of healing.
  • Then calcium hydroxide paste is removed, the canals are once again thoroughly cleaned and shaped, and a new root canal filling is placed. Finally, a temporary filling is placed to close the opening in your tooth. Dr. Maurice Vargas DDS will remove this temporary filling at the time the tooth is restored.
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