Simple Tooth Extractions

Simple Tooth Extractions

Simple tooth extraction is tooth removal procedure that is done from above the gums using traditional elevator and forcep instruments. It is a process of removing teeth without the need of surgical techniques.
Simple tooth extractions are recommended if teeth are too extensively damaged from decay or trauma, or if they are infected and the patient is not fit for root canal treatment. Simple tooth extractions are also frequently recommended when the teeth in one or both jaws are severely crowded, and straightening the teeth would require unnecessarily complex procedures.


  • In this, after the tooth and the surrounding becomes numb, the Dr. Maurice Vargas DDS will loosen the tooth with an instrument called the elevator. The elevator helps to break down the tissues supporting the tooth and expand the bony support which holds the tooth. The dentist then easily pulls out the tooth using a forcep.

  • You may feel some pressure when the dentist pulls out the tooth, but no pain. The dentist will place a gauze over the socket and ask you to bite down on it to stop the bleeding.
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