Teeth Filling

Teeth Filling

Tooth filling is done in different conditions such as :

  • If the tooth has been damaged due to decay or cavity problems.
  • If the tooth has been damaged by any trauma.
  • If the tooth might have an inherent defect.
  • Procedure

  • Composite fillings are usually placed. While the tooth is numb, Dr. Maurice Vargas DDS will remove decay or cavity as necessary. The space will then be thoroughly cleaned and carefully treated before the new filling is placed. If the decay was near the nerve of the tooth, a special treatment will be done for added protection. The composite filling will then be precisely placed, shaped, and polished. Then your tooth will be restored to its original shape and function.
  • It is normal to experience sensitivity to hot and cold when composite fillings are first placed, however this will subside shortly after your tooth acclimates to the new filling.

  • You will be given care instructions at the conclusion of your treatment. Good oral hygiene practices, eating habits, and regular dental visits will aid in the life of your new fillings.

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